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                      Denise and Roger                                      

                                                                                       Denise and Roger started Encore at Christmas  over eighteen years ago.  Denise is an accomplished musician.  She has performed in musicals and directed musical performing groups.  She has also served as musical director of High School choirs and organized  city events. She also is an accomplished pianist and has been asked to sing and speak   for national speakers at large national events.  She has written some of the songs on our CD.  She has sung at Arco arena is the cohost of a radio program as well as a TV cohost of a program  that reaches to the east coast.  She has her B.S. in general ministries and is a pastor.


 Roger is a playright, singer, and songwriter, producer of radio and TV.  In his early years, he attended Mira Loma high school.  In high school he wrote a one act play which won in state competition and represented California in the nationals.  Roger currently writes and directs original musicals for churches and events in northern California.   A soloist for The Singing Christmas Tree for over 15 years he  appeared on Television and Radio in California and across the nation.  He  has also written some of the songs on our CD.  Roger is the creative arts director for Encore at Christmas and has also written  some of our arrangements as well as directed our music videos. 


 Together they make a dynamic team with their unique gifting’s.  Their vision for Encore has helped to make it of the smoothest sounding groups that you will hear in California.





















































































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